One month in Brighton

It’s been a month since I came to Brighton. When I arrived it was Pride weekend, I didn’t get the chance to see much of it but I saw people dressed eccentrically and some wearing a lot less clothing, this was such a fun way to start my stay.

Fortunately, the first week was beautiful and hot, coming from Reunion Island in the Indian Ocean where it’s sunny and hot all year long! That’s one of the reasons why I chose Brighton, it’s a small cool city by the sea which was important for me and would help me not feel too homesick.

Living in Brighton is very different from Reunion Island, there are so many people with so many different styles, that can be very eccentric at times. The architecture is very different from where I come from, we don’t have that many big buildings and the streets are smaller. Here the streets are never quiet, you can always hear street musicians, the noise of crowds, or the traffic in the background. It’s a very inspiring city which carries different values and you can tell people are very proud of it.

People are very kind and friendly, they are curious about where I come from and it’s always a pleasure to talk about my unknown island here.

After seeing the good spirit in the city, I was very excited to begin my work experience at Designate. I was wonderfully welcomed on my first day and my first impression were very good. I love that the working atmosphere is relaxed and friendly, it’s a very different way of work than where I’m from, with music, laughs and food, you can tell that it’s just a pleasure to go to work every day. From my observations, English workers work with passion and do not count the numbers of hours, which is really interesting to see.

Whilst being here, I’ve also experienced the night life in Brighton, and I really can say that, here, everything is bigger! I can’t see a difference with the streets at night and on the daytime, it’s always full of people. In my city the nightlife isn’t very good, if we want a good night out we have to go to the West and south coast of the Island.

The music in the nightclubs are different too, we’re not used to songs you can sing along such as here. It’s cool to see how people have fun differently. I will for sure go back to my French Island with many beautiful memories and the desire to discover other cities in England just to see if they’re as welcoming as Brighton. But for now, I look forward to seeing what the next two months hold for me.

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