Cool and aspirational, I love the cinematography of the TV ad for the the blue-bottled drink that David Beckham is currently promoting (and involved in). Sadly, I had to look up its name because I had no recollection of what it actually was. The only memory I had was that David Beckham was in the ad, and the only connection I could make to remember the drink was the blue bottle, feeling sick and Victoria Beckham.

Using personalities to promote brands can be dangerous. Especially when the celebrity is so big you can’t remember the brand that they are promoting. Or worse still you don’t actually believe the celebrity would use the brand. Think Jamie Redknapp on a package holiday or Marco Pierre White crumbling up a stock cube. At least I can believe that Gary Lineker is partial to the occasional Walkers crisp.

The thought of (possibly teetotal) David Beckham having an evening with friends drinking whisky is to me entirely unbelievable.  If instead, you added Maradona into the mix and had an evening of whisky and coke then that’s a whole new ball game of authenticity. Then it would work for me.

On reflection maybe it should be Madonna as Guy Ritchie was the man behind the beautifully made film that is behind the blue bottled drink. Oh and Simon Fuller, the man behind the Spice Girls (think Blue Bottle, vomit and Victoria Beckham).

On further research, the drink is called Haig Club. Apparently because Beckham’s dad used to drink Haig whisky and put his fags out in a Haig ashtray. How better could you bottle that up?

Fuller, Beckham, Ritchie bottling up an idea to overprice a product that already exists? The website shouts their motivation –
“seen by many to be Scotland’s Hidden Gem” (how many people can see a hidden gem?) single grain whiskey is clearly something that should be repackaged.”

Well done to you Haig Club. You have clearly (or Bluely) reacted to the many who saw it as a hidden gem and created your own Loch Ness Monster.

Integrity or celebrity? The online results say it all:

Rated 1.5 out of 5

Overall: Approachable, adaptable, good mouthfeel (I chucked some ice in afterwards and the texture was great). A hugely accessible whisky with tasty spice, toffee and, with the ice now, increasingly some tropical fruit notes too.

Tasty Spice. Hmmmm.

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