Why I'm running the Brighton Marathon 2015

Why I'm running the Brighton Marathon 2015

In September 2014 on a dark and cold evening after devouring a 15” Domino’s Pizza/whole packet of Hob Nobs the guilt set in and I started to google phrases such as ‘how long do you need to train for a marathon’ ‘slowest marathon times’ etc. Then I did something I often do which is sign up for a sporting event online. In the past I’ve signed up to everything from ‘The London to Brighton bike ride’, ‘Nike 10k’ and a ‘Race for life’s’ by the bucket load – but never actually had the discipline to train and complete any of them. This time was different…

I had been working with a children’s hospice called Chestnut Tree House who provide support and care for children and young adults with life limiting conditions and their families. I has visited the house the previous week and left feeling slightly ashamed at the ‘woe is me’ rant I had to my mum that same morning about the fact that I hadn’t slept well and was feeling exhausted and run down. Visiting the house completely brought things into perspective for me, here were all these amazing staff members working tirelessly to help bring a smile to everyone’s faces under extremely difficult and sad situations. The house was such a positive and happy place, which to be honest, I really wasn’t expecting. I felt compelled to do something to help support this incredible and inspiring organisation. So I signed up to the Brighton Marathon 2015…

A natural athlete I am not… this is something I found out very early on in my training as a duly set off dressed head to toe in neon, inspirational playlist blaring out of my ridiculously expensive ‘Beats by Dre’ headphones (all the gear, no idea as they say). I ran for around 5 mins before collapsing into a heap on the floor with the annoyingly smug American woman on my Nike+ app repeating ‘Pausing workout’. I persisted through a series of similar incidence and finally managed to run decent distances.

My training has been hard, unsociable and lonely, but come Sunday, hopefully worth it!

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Doughnuts and foil blankets also welcome at the finish line.

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