The future is brand

The future is brand

Shoreditch Thursday 12.00 GMT

Steve Endacott was spotted in Shoreditch on Thursday afternoon at the incredibly hipster Electric Cinema talking about brand.

Yes, our very own Travel Industry stalwart has admitted that maybe he was wrong. Just the once mind, but maybe, just maybe he was wrong. Or maybe it’s just the case that the times they are a-changing.

Following a quick skinny latte to fire him up and get him in the mood for his 20 minute session at Designate’s rather excellent Future Sessions, Endacott was quick to admit that in the past he was all about ROI, all about the bottom line, and the quickest route to income. He thought that the fancy-jacketed advertising people were as fluffy as the content of his belly button and had the substance of an empty aircraft.

Standing there in his patent blue leather shoes and co-ordinated electric blue suit, Endacott delivered a fast-paced yet typically impassioned speech that wound its way through ROI, bums on seats, and brand. Yes, you heard it here first. Endacott is all about the brand.

And bloody hell did he have a point.

Segueing perfectly from Google’s informative previous presentation, he brought up a slide that had all the subtlety of a bearded man on a fixie piling head on into a freshly Banksyed Shoreditch High Street brick wall. “Google is strangling travel!” he shouted at Google’s Head of Travel, Ruaridh. He brought the full attention of the near capacity auditorium.

As ever, Endacott had a plan. He hitched up his  trousers to reveal a well-socked mankle and stated that now is the time to listen to the bearded, fancy-jacketed admen. Now is the time to believe in brand, and now is the time to divert your money from generic search terms and to spend your money on traditional media to get your name out there and get it known.

“It’s cheaper to bid on your own brand than it is to spend it on generic keywords!” he shouted. “Divert your spend from Google to traditional media and the rest will speak for itself.”

“Get your customers to search on your name and not just on what your product is” he said.

And with that he strolled off to Shoreditch’s famed Owl and the Pussycat hostelry to order a bottle of Canadian microbrewed Yak Beer.

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