What you missed at Future Sessions 6

What you missed at Future Sessions 6

The Future Sessions are free Designate-organised event with industry leaders, delivering forward-thinking, brilliantly focussed 15 minute speeches in front of an invited crowd in a cool Shoreditch venue.

The next one’s due in July, so be sure to register click here to sign up.

If you weren’t there you missed a cracker. Steve Dunne set the scene asking if The Brand was indeed dead. Doomsayers and internet-focussed marketers have predicted that attention-poor, instant gratification seekers only want price-led, offer-led promotions and were not interested in Brand. Steve disagrees – arguing that this is a golden age of branding where smart brands are building relationships, citing Royal Caribbean as a top example. On a recent trip Steve noted the high number of brand ambassadors as customers fiercely defended their choice of cruise operator.

Ruairidh from Google showed us four examples of how brands were using YouTube video to enhance their brand strategy to Understand Your Customer, Get Them To Listen , Emotionally Connect, and then Get Them To Participate, to highlight a customer’s journey with a brand from simply “I’ve heard of them” to fiercely defending the brand as in Dunne’s cruise example.

Steve Endacott is all about the Brand now, apparently. Surprising as in his own words he has eschewed branding agencies, calling them “this fluffy lot” whilst pointing at Designate’s Adam Hill. You can read more about Steve’s presentation over on this blog post.

Last up, our very own Group Account Director, Miriam Boote, discussed long-term brand engagement and predicted that by 2025, there will be a shift from what advertising looks like to what advertising feels like – a deeper level of engagement moving from communicating to predicting and emoting with consumers. Where this level of immersive creativity will mean that content and advertising will be so interlinked we won’t know which is which. People will step into brand experiences where every ad will be personalised in every medium.

Powerful stuff from our speakers, followed by intense debate over a glass or two of wine later. Don’t miss out on the next one, register for your ticket now.

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