Winner Winner – Chicken Dinner! 5 New Travel Accounts for Designate

Winner Winner – Chicken Dinner! 5 New Travel Accounts for Designate

We’ve had our heads down, we’ve been busy-bees, the elbow grease was applied and it’s been working. Oh yes.

In fact we’re rather delighted to announce that we’ve won some new business. Not one new account, but five new travel accounts. Count them, FIVE!

First up, we’re extremely happy to welcome aboard Brittany Ferries. They’re a fantastic brand to be working with and we’re really looking forward to getting started and showing you what we’re doing.

Up next is Audley Travel. Our work’s to be launched very soon indeed, so spend special attention as you flick through your favourite magazines.

Also be on the look out for our third new client – The Caravan Club. That work’s coming very soon. We’ll be featuring each of these in the coming weeks on our blog to showcase our work.

We’re also working very closely with Jayne Peirce, a travel recruitment specialist and her team and all will be revealed in the summer.

And last but by no means least is our wonderful client Trek America who have this week launched a fantastic campaign, #iTrekHere. A U.S road trip with 10 amazing bloggers and YouTubers, 10 incredible days, 6 inspiring destinations and a whole lot of awesomeness! Check it out here

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