Make a Change

Make a Change

Green dust, a bespoke massive street art piece from Brazilan street artist FPLO, a free runner, a wizard, heart shaped swimming pools, an epic murmuration and a 3D printed snail so convincing that Clearcast (the TV regulatory people) asked for a vet’s certificate. These are just a few of the weird and wonderful scenes featured in our new ad for our LV’ly clients at LV=.

Entitled ‘Make a Change’, the ad is based on the premise of positive change – encouraging potential customers to reconsider and to switch insurers and save money. And the shoot was as epic as it sounds, shot on location in Cape Town over three days with Finnish Director Vesa Mannien of Outsider.

The instantly recognisable green LV= car is the agent of change in the commercial, turning other cars, objects, people and things green as it passes through the LV= world of ‘Heartsville’.

Using ingenious in camera special effects, the commercial features the usual magic and quirks you would expect from LV= to land their key messages. Particularly memorable scenes were the huge air guns used to create the dust colour change effect which caught every single cast and crew member’s attention as it was so loud, the very windy day which saw the helicopter just about taking off with both the marketing director and creative director, and two extra special extras making an appearance as a hot dog seller and news vendor – LV=’s managing directors, John and Selwyn.

‘Have Love Will Travel’ remains the soundtrack, but this time the original by Richard Berry and The Pharaohs, recorded decades ago in 1959, is used, with its classic doo-wop, early rock ‘n’ roll sound.

Designate Creative Director, Daniel Fagg said, “LV= asked us to come up with something different this year, so we did. A new approach, a new look and feel to match their refreshed brand work, a new take on the music. It’s all about change this year, so that’s what we did”.

The ad launched on June 22nd and we have already received a pat on the back from Campaign, with the ad being named ‘Ad of the Day’.

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