We’ve got nomophobia – have you?

We’ve got nomophobia – have you?

Know what nomophobia is? You soon will thanks to our new online campaign for VocaLink and the UK’s largest mobile network operators. It’s a series of online films, website and social activity fronted by comedian Paul F Taylor.

So what is nomophobia? It’s the fear of being out of mobile phone contact. Admit it, we all have it. Especially those in the key 18-24 age group that are being targeted.

And the best way to combat its symptoms?

Top-up your phone credit at a cash machine and stay connected!

This is the messaging strategy we’ve developed to raise awareness of VocaLink’s mobile phone top-up service at cash machines. We are achieving this by developing a strong and highly engaging online campaign presence that rewards participation.

We have introduced a brand ambassador – Doctor Nomo. A flamboyant and fun character who has his own virtual surgery, acting as an online campaign hub for engaging content, including a series of online films (produced by Hoot Comedy), competitions and UGC galleries…

…So let’s see your #nomoface

The online films feature on Doctor Nomo’s microsite www.doctornomo.com and his social media pages, which also include Facebook conversations and live Twitter surgery and diagnoses all along with the chance to win prizes like an iPhone 6 or £100 of phone credit.

To amplify the online campaign and reach out to the core demographic, media investment has been focussed on The Student Room, the UK’s largest student community. The site will house a full suite of banner ads along with advertorial with online film content, all intriguing and prompting click-through and driving traffic to the online campaign hub.

Adam Hill, Designate’s founding partner says:

“Nomophobia is a real problem in this day and age. We all do it. A sneaky look at our phones in a meeting, a tweet here, a status update there. Some people just can’t live without their phones. Sweaty palms, higher blood pressure, total freak-out. I’ve seen what nomophobia can do to people. So we’re going to help VocaLink and the phone operators raise awareness and remind people that when you run out of credit the answer is at the cash machine.”

So please feel free to take a look at the campaign, get your own diagnosis and enter your #nomoface into the gallery of nomophobia sufferers:

Go to www.doctornomo.com

Or search for Doctor Nomo on social media.

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