Remember the 80s, 90s, 00s? In a short amount of time a lot has changed in the world of travel. And it’s not just a shift from flannel shorts and heart-shaped sunnies, so has the way we share our stories. #whatsapostcard?

Can you even remember the last time a pixelated palm tree with rainbow writing and a handwritten note on the reverse landed on your doormat?

Package holidays, city breaks and backpacking – how we find them, book them and experience them has changed a great deal. With so many travel options people are in search of individual and authentic experiences. So how have we changed the way we document and share these travel experiences – something more individual and authentic right?

Some would argue that the humble postcard has been cast aside in favour of social media. And it does seem like we’ve gone from ‘wish you were here’ to ‘look, I am here’! So are the beachside selfie and moutaintop social media check in conquering all, or is there still a case for going retro?


Top five reasons postcards pack a punch

1. The excitement of receiving a real life postcard is up there with getting your Amazon parcel (almost). *

2. Receive a postcard and you’re confirmed as a bestie (no one sends more than 3)!

3. You get to revel in the joy of bad graphic design on your mantlepiece for a week.

4. WTF – not everyone #lols on social media???!!!

5. You don’t have pressure of finding the perfect photographic composition – where does one find a woman wandering through a glade with a pervy elk?



Top five reasons social media is more than a match

1. One social media post suits all – everyone who matters gets the message.

2. It’s actually your experience, not some trippy view from a random in socks and sandals.

3. You get a timeline of activities, live from the event.

4. A photo album is two clicks away.

5. You can share your holiday and get recommendations instantly.


And the winner is? Well, however nostalgic you are surely it’s a pretty safe bet that social media will win out. But let’s not be sad for the plucky postcard, as it’s paved the way for the travel share.

We’ll continue to share and listen to the stories that influence our own adventures – they just don’t necessarily need to be from our nearest and dearest. We can now look for the recommendations from a wider community. We have a whole world of tips and tricks on sites such as TripAdvisor and blogs which offer a window into the holidays, like Mark Warner’s #MWmoment. And that’s a great thing! Happy travels.

P.S. We love a postcard – we don’t just have a mantlepiece, we have a whole wall of them! Send us one from your travels: 4 St Georges Pl, Brighton, BN1 4GA


*Applies to anything that’s not a bill!

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