We have seen the future of Media

We have seen the future of Media

On 31st July we hosted our 7th free seminar at Electric Cinema in Shoreditch offering the industry’s most experienced and knowledgeable speakers. It was possibly one of our best Future Sessions yet; certainly the best attended with many people having to make do with sitting in the aisles.

As a follow on to our session on the importance of investing in your brand, the latest focussed on just how to broadcast your brand. With speakers from the most important media sets available we were very pleased to secure the top brains from Google, Sky TV, Global Radio, Channel 4 and Open Outdoor.

We always encourage our speakers to focus on the future and showcase innovation and with only 15 minutes to speak it can present a challenge; ours however did just that and more.

Marc Gutreich from Open Outdoor spoke about a renaissance in out-of-home advertising with some great examples including this one from Big Yellow Storage  stating that with more leisure time available to us we are more likely to be exposed to out of home advertising reaching 10.3 billion impacts each week.

Sky Adsmart is a very clever platform allowing targeted advertising to reach us in our homes via our sky satellite box. David Sanderson from Sky wowed the audience with its big brother style ability to pinpoint advertising meant for you. Specifically Sky AdSmart can serve different ads to different Sky households watching the same programme. To get the lowdown on just how it works watch this http://www.skymedia.co.uk/sky-adsmart/about-sky-adsmart.aspx

In the absence of visuals your imagination works harder, making things to be better than they are. Jo McCrostie, Creative Director at Global Radio, gave the audience much to consider about radio advertising stating that now is the time to rethink audio as a channel for brands. She also highlighted the power of sonic advertising presenting the quote from Dr Adrian North “Brands with music that fit their brand identity are 96% more likely to be recalled than those with non-fit music, or no music at all”

Proving that Channel 4 is the powerhouse of creative television it seems that also goes for their advertisers too. Tamsin Irving ran us through a number of recent campaign with this one for their programme ‘Humans’ creating quite a stir on with the readers of the Daily Mail

Last up in this short lunchtime seminar we welcomed Nishma Robb Head of Commerical Marketing at Google and YouTube to share with us some of the innovative and creative-led advertising brands were using on her channels. With too many examples to mention here – so we’ll leave you with our favourite. This is a great example of how to avoid your pre-roll adverts being skipped on YouTube

Our next Future Sessions is planned for November 2015. Be sure to sign up to our newsletter to get to hear about registration first, you can do so on the bottom of this page

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