Designate Hit The Road

Designate Hit The Road

As you may know, we’ve done quite a bit of work for Chestnut Tree House. They’re a fantastic Sussex-based charity who look after children with life-limiting illnesses.

We’ve created a new website for them that’s arriving soon and helped them promote their Big HeART Auction fundraiser.

But now comes our biggest task yet. Every year, they run the Chestnut Tree 100 – a tough hilly 103km bike ride across the lumpy bit of Sussex. And this year we’re entering a team into it – the inevitably named Rims & Skids.

The ride happens this very Sunday – the 27th. And so far our combined number of training miles across the team is the grand total of 0 miles. That’s right, this Sunday and 0 (zero) miles.

So what we’re looking for is intense motivation to pull us through. And you can help. We’ve set up a JustGiving page. If you make a donation, not only will you get a warm sense of satisfaction that you’ve helped a good cause, but you’ll also get a little chuckle at the thought of us on bikes slogging our way up another hill…

Thanking you kindly.

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