A promising new brand

A promising new brand

So Jayne Peirce called us up one day, and said: “I need a video. I am fighting in a competitive online space and I need to get my personality and point of difference across. And this will help my search rankings too.”

And she was and is absolutely right. But we took the opportunity to ask some searching questions about her company’s personality, point of difference and overall proposition, and it turns out she had a really quite compelling brand story to tell. And so we embarked on a journey which has encompassed a rebrand, a new website and even a new sister company.



You would think it is quite difficult to find a point of difference in the world of recruitment, but in fact Jayne Peirce and her team have a genuinely differentiated proposition to offer both recruiters and job seekers in the world of travel. Their whole approach is summed up by a list of things they do and don’t do, born out of first-hand experience of working in travel (not just in recruitment), and understanding what is good and bad about the process. A way of working that is all about quality over quantity, and taking the pain out of hiring.

So we were able to create a brand proposition for Jayne based on a set of promises. Not conceptual, abstract or notional brand promises, but real client and candidate facing promises. Promises that recognise that in the real world, it’s not just what you say, but what you do that counts. And in a service industry that is literally all about people, this is even more important.


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