If you go down in the woods today…..

If you go down in the woods today…..

Last week we ventured down to Fletching woods to host our (now) annual client hospitality clay pigeon shooting competition. With the forecast set to ‘doom’ it was with some trepidation our shooting party arrived from all over the UK dressed in their very finest country apparel.

Northall Clay Pigeon shoot, which incidentally coached our very own Commonwealth champion Charlotte Kerwood proved a cracking venue for our four teams of five guns who battled it out over five separate traps of ten rounds (that means the best out of 50 shots for the uninitiated). There were clear winners in all of categories and we’re very pleased to say that the day was ahem… a banging success!

The celebrations continued in true Designate fashion long into the night at our favourite Sussex boozer, The Griffin Inn in Fletching and we’d like to thank all those that came along and we look forward to seeing you all next year.


Top Gun Ladies – Polly Ashman, Mark Warner

Top Gun Mens – Russ Gardner, Mi Telecom

Save the Clay Award – Ros Martin, Collinson Group

Team Winners – Jayne Peirce (JP Recruitment), Russ Gardner (Mi Telecom), Ru Roberts (Google), Polly Ashman (Mark Warner), Dean Harvey (Designate)

Best Dressed – Brian Young, G-Adventures

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