Facebook Live gets real

Facebook Live gets real

With the rise of apps like of Meerkat, snapchat and more recently Twitter’s acquisition of Periscope is proof that live content is already part of our lives.

But now marketeers are getting ready for a new wave of storytelling through live content. Obviously this type of content across these channels has been playing out to millions of viewers over the last few years, but with a new live feature about to drop on Facebook, brands will be force fed the new format and their Facebook fans will be waiting for the next celebrity fitness show or masterchef cooking class.

So as creative and social media fanatics, what are we doing and how are we going to maximise the potential and tease an audience into viewing our live feed?


For many the current conversations especially with brands are taking place on busy social channels and responses are usually delayed, sporadic and slow. For a user the enthusiasm is lost, the momentum has long gone once an overstretched marketing team or a busy community manager has finally sifted their way to your comment. And that’s it.  It it feels more like dropping comments on content rather than engaging conversations that flow.

That said we have had more success running Q&As on Twitter where opinions are more often shared quickly against a theme, especially if it’s an event based chat such as Future Sessions or an industry insight talk where opinions are actively voiced and shared.

Research suggests that mobile users spend 82% of their time browsing in apps and Facebook accounts for most of it, meaning the potential audience watching Facebook Live is huge.

However, I think the real value of producing live content beyond the shared visual storytelling is offering a burst of rapid conversation to a switched on, relevant audience who have a genuine interest in the topic or experience on offer.

So with live broadcasting around the corner for Facebook, at Designate we’re getting to grips with social strategies to support it and developing a series of activities to push out some amazing live content for our clients.

For a brand the opportunities are endless. For a community manager or a creative planning an event, scripting the story from the outset is key to rewarding an audience with a memorable experience. Considerations for production such as audio and lighting will all need to be considered so the broadcast is super-polished and represents the brand professionally.

For us having a tool kit to expand on a shared moment of branded content is great, however the content needs to be compelling enough to attract an audience in the first place, and a seeding strategy and event teasers to promote the events are other considerations to through into the mix. A solid creative idea to wrap up the content and any incentives to help drive conversation and shares.

So here are our Top 10 tips before embarking on a Live social campaign.

  1. Formulate a strategic content plan from the outset
  2. Consider a series of content rather than a one hit wonder
  3. Define a creative idea to wrap the content
  4. Develop scripts for events, make sure it’s of value and relevant content
  5. Have a confident cast and a brilliant presenter
  6. Promote your event to new and existing audience with teaser films
  7. Make sure the production quality is high with good lightingand crystal clear audio
  8. Manage the conversation and feed into the presenter, bring opinions into the film
  9. Run a competition to increase engagement, and be sure to thank all that joined and shared
  10. Enjoy it and welcome peoples feedback afterwards

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