Instagram: the latest victim of design dullification

Instagram: the latest victim of design dullification

What is graphic design’s current obsession with the dullification of everything? With the release yesterday of Instagram’s new brand identity redesign which aligns all their products: Boomerang, Hyperlapse and Layout, I’m hoping this is the straw that breaks the donkey’s back and designers unite and say “F this S!” and start making stuff that looks less like a graphic designer’s hipster cousin’s best friend has downloaded a set of vectors from iStock and more like Snapchat.



I mean, when that came about as a small startup which nobody in their right mind could ever predict would change the way a generation communicates, their logo was WTF?! And still is. But in a very good way. I haven’t got time to elaborate too much further I’m afraid – I have a full day’s work to get my teeth into after this this hastily tapped out, Medium-sized knee jerk reaction fuelled by Animal Collective’s insane new Dadaist head mess soundtrack – but take a look at Instagram’s original, goofy, skeuomorphic, charmingly dated but brand-ownable logo compared to their rebrand and hopefully you too will get all cross and indignant at how anodyne it is. How generic. How it looks like any other cloned photo app available to download for free from the App Store with features and filters unlockable with just a few micro payments.


I know there’s been A LOT of work thrown at the rebrand, decades of collective design theory, overthinking and stakeholder massaging but my God. Go away. And come back with something which reflects the characterful and creative cornerstone user base on which your mighty photo sharing network was built.

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