Take a moment to get even more excited about summer

Take a moment to get even more excited about summer

With Designate based here in sunny Brighton, it’s only natural that we are excited the summer has (finally) started to feel like it’s here.

And to get you in the mood, here’s some new work for independent travel company Mark Warner. At the beginning of the year they came to us, explaining that through their social media channels, they wanted to re-engage with existing customers whilst also new ones. This has to have continued online conversations and really build their social media presence and voice – using the start of summer ‘16 as the time to do so.

With this in mind, we got our creative (and strategic) caps on. As we would also be targeting new customers, we felt this a great opportunity to educate and inspire those that don’t necessarily know about the fantastic holidays that Mark Warner offer.

We produced a mechanic that was interactive and informative whilst being really personal to the user in order to encourage engagement. Shareability would be key in helping grow reach organically and be a strong opportunity to enlighten potential customers along the way, with the ultimate goal of securing new followers.

Enter ‘Make a Moment’, an interactive platform whereby users create their perfect Mark Warner holiday experience with the chance of actually winning it too. All they have to do to enter is select the type of holiday they enjoy most, activities they’d love to partake in when out there and a special extra they’d love (such as a free tennis lesson or a spa treatment). On completion, the user is then served their very own video that showcases their moments in their ideal Mark Warner holiday. It’s a really unique video that they can share with their friends and family, inspiring and encouraging them to take part and do the same.

This competition only launched a couple of weeks ago and we’re already excited about the amount of people that have entered. If you too want to Make a Moment, then do have a go.

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