Designate make it all better with LV=

Designate make it all better with LV=

We’ve got a new TV ad coming out and it’s a big one. We’ve just finished the new LV= commercial and are a little bit excited by it all. Called Make It Better, the ad not only reminds customers of the competitive price for LV=, but also reinforces the fact that customers can rely on them to sort out any problems that they have with their car.

That’s what it’s about, but it’s all done in a very new, but very LV= style. Hot air balloons, a team of quirky animated machines and a dog called Dolo all feature too. After an accident, a car is transported to an LV= building where it is quickly and efficiently mended and put back on the road in no time.

Using a mix of in-camera models and CGI by post-production house, Rushes, Dirty Films director Eli Sverdlov brought our script to life in style. Shot in the stunning L’Hemispheric building in Valencia and on location and in a studio in Barcelona, there’s now a bold new look for LV=.

And it was no simple task either to bring this new LV= world to life. The post-production alone took the best part of 2 ½ months with a team of nineteen animators and artists working around the clock at Rushes.

The TV ad will be supported with a  full campaign including six sheets, inserts, ad gates and online activity.

We were asked to come up with something different this year.  And we have, it’s a simple, fun way of really stressing the point that if something does happen to your car, there’s no better people to sort it out than LV=. In our opinion Eli and Rushes have done a great job in creating a new world for LV=. And it’s one that rewards repeated viewings too.

And LV= are happy too with Katie Wadey, Customer and Member Director saying, “We are extremely excited to launch our new campaign that shows both customers and non-customers what LV= stands for. Throughout the creative process, we focused on demonstrating the core hallmarks of the brand and believe the strapline ‘Good value, great values’ is a strong representation of LV=. We offer high quality products at a fair price, as well as ensuring we always do the right thing for our customers. We hope the advert will show that, despite trust in financial services being low, LV= is a brand you can rely on.”


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