Hi! I’m Designate’s junior designer

Hi! I’m Designate’s junior designer

My first blog post! I feel like I should start this off formally so, hi, nice to meet you! I’m Emily and I’m the new junior designer at Designate. I’ve been at Designate for nearly two months so thought I’d document it in a blog post.

My design lecturer actually forwarded this job to me (thanks Tris!). I’m still pretty fresh out of studying Graphic Design and this is my first design job. This left me feeling both excited and bloody terrified when it came to my first day here. Luckily I had no need to worry as I’ve been welcomed so warmly by the rest of the Designate team. I’m still getting used to the perks of being known officially as “a designer”. Just the other day I emailed my sister from my work email (which has a signature at the end that says “Emily Nazer Junior Designer”) saying “Look! I have an email signature now! How cool is that?” She replied simply with “Amazing”. I’m not sure our excitement was on the same level.

Within my two months I’ve worked on posters, leaflets, newspaper inserts, magazine ads, marquees designs, brand developments and loads more, and all for a range of clients. I’ve also branched out of my print comfort zone and worked on various digital designs. I’ve been constantly learning from the other designers and Art Directors and it’s been fantastic. Working here reminds me every day what I love about design; there’s always something new to learn and excel at.

A milestone for me happened in the last week. We recently had a brief come in from a client asking for a new logo. We were assigned the task of taking the brief and designing 3 different creative routes which would then be put together in a presentation at the end. This was the first time I’ve been on a project from start to finish. There was sketching, mood boarding, colour consideration and typeface discussions. This project was pretty full on and at times stressful. But I have to admit, once built in Illustrator and eventually put into a presentation, I was immensely proud. Although I’ve been part of similar projects as student briefs, this presentation symbolised me getting the job little 14 year old Emily only day dreamed about all those years ago.

So I have to give a big thanks to the team at Designate (both creative and account handlers!) for being so lovely towards me over the last month. I’m so grateful to be here and absolutely loving it. I’m really looking forward to what the next few months bring: more brainstorming, more designing, more themed Spotify playlists and more cocktails. Life’s not bad, is it?

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