Can Money Buy You Happiness? Yes it can. Sometimes.

Can Money Buy You Happiness? Yes it can. Sometimes.

Sitting in a group yesterday thinking about one of our premium travel brands, the question came back as often does to a marketeer. Can money buy you happiness?

Well, I guess it can, but the way it can is changing. As is how that money is defined. As is how you show it.

This, I admit is nothing new, but what continues to be the real case is the fact that the way you spend the money is different. The rappers will soon be rapping about the holidays not the Benzos and the Lexus.

But how do you transform the money you earn into the good life? There obviously is a connection, but how do we as creative folk show it without making people reach for the nearest bag to vomit in. Bling is gone. Brash is out. Flash is out.

And adding to the deep quandary of life, what the hell is the High Street doing coming back in to play in travel? I thought the high street was dead and everyone was doing everything on the internet?

Kuoni, Virgin Holidays, Sandals. These are not hairdressers, my friend, these are bona fide travel businesses with real travel experts in them (especially our client, Kuoni). And businesses with a little kudos. A little bragging right. And a little more expensive (but let’s not mention that, that would be bragging wouldn’t it?).

So the high street is back. The brand is back. And bragging rights are back? Well, not exactly it would seem. No. Not that simple.

What is happening though is that people want to spend their money to make them happy and the economists and psychologists have confirmed that this is true. But the people want to know what they can expect from that money. They want to feel safe and secure that that money will bring them happiness. They want to know that that money is going to the right place. That their money is doing the best it can.

And something new is affecting that. The latest science has shown that “we are never satisfied”. A brilliant challenge for us Beardy Brand types (as I was called in a meeting with a luxury cruise brand last week).

This, I interpret to mean that we will always want a bit more when it comes to money. But, I imagine, this is probably true of our holidays. Which is probably why the high street is making a comeback.

And experts are back, no matter what politicians may say. Choosing your holiday online is ultimately a pretty unsatisfactory emotional experience.

But sitting down with someone who has knowledge and expertise and having an actual real life person-to-person conversation most definitely isn’t. And therefore has a different kind of value.

Cosset me. Hold me and tell me that my money is going to the right place, please. Make me feel nice before I travel.

Make your three walls pretty and your front door strong. Hold me in a sample of what I am buying into so that I don’t spend the holiday worried that there might have been something more. But don’t tell anyone I’m going. I will do that my own way.

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