To boldly go where no insurer has gone before

To boldly go where no insurer has gone before

When you work with a brand like Columbus Direct, you know their next innovation is just around the corner. After all, they were the first to sell travel insurance direct to consumers in the UK, they were also the first to fully sell online. Then in December 2015, they became the first to sell travel insurance directly from digital kiosks in UK airports.  So, when they said we’re going to be the first insurer to provide cover for Captain Kirk and the USS Enterprise on one of its five year missions – we could not wait to get involved.

Why suddenly expand into space travel? Well, it’s part of a bigger mission. Columbus Direct are the official insurance partner for the release of the new Star Trek movie, Star Trek Beyond.  This association with a highly anticipated blockbuster not only means increased brand exposure for Columbus Direct, but also provides the opportunity to tap in to a new film focused and cinema going audience.

On top of that, Columbus were also able to offer an out of this world prize of a trip to the Kennedy Space Center in Florida with an Astronaut Training Experience included.  With such an epic prize Columbus could ensure this partnership appealed to their existing customers as well – you don’t need to be a trekkie to want to win that!

In the lead up to the film launch, we needed to work closely with Paramount Pictures to create a campaign that would make the most of this exciting partnership and of course use the film as a hook to attract customers.  We wanted to reach people through as many of Columbus Direct’s existing channels as possible. We set about designing tube card panels, an e-CRM campaign, Facebook competitions to win tickets to the premiere and we worked with the outreach company WMG to create an infographic, outlining Captain Kirk’s insurance plan, which could be circulated to PR and sci-fi bloggers. Using the film footage itself can be tricky to negotiate, but we got permission to repurpose the trailer and created videos on the digital kiosk machines in the airports, ensuring no one would walk past without wondering why the Star Trek Enterprise was whizzing across the screens.




The Columbus Direct and Star Trek partnership will conclude in September, when we will eagerly await the next mission. And in case you were wondering, it would cost an out of this world £13,880 to insure Captain Kirk.

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