Pick Kuoni this Winter

Pick Kuoni this Winter

Earlier this year, we were briefed by our client Kuoni to create a new campaign with their objective of being the first to market with a winter sun message.

The aim of the campaign was to help stimulate bookings for them based on learnings from previous purchase behaviour as they tend to see a peak in forward (late 2016-2017) bookings in June and July.

The campaign will run until the end of November, so our creative approach and overall outcome needed to have longevity and the ability to span across a range of different destinations, which trend at different points.

Our approach was to consider how we were going to create a flexible campaign to adapt across channels and specific destinations. We needed to consider an option to promote regions per month, but also be flexible enough to hero a region or destination that supports the campaign as sales are being driven by the campaign itself.

Hand-picked Winter Escapes is born.

It showcases the Kuoni difference. Using unique Kuoni moments, experiences and resort stories to demonstrate that these can only be found by getting to know each and every Kuoni client. This gives a taste of what the client can expect and the process it takes to get them there.

The Kuoni difference gives the client something a little more special. Something amazing, just for them.

As part of the campaign development, we included creative concepts for store point of sale, retail and digital display.

We also developed a concept for an in store magazine. This would be shaped to reflect the elegance of a lifestyle travel magazine, featuring hand-picked winter escapes. The luxury magazine would support the campaign by informing readers on the availability of holidays and providing them with inspiring content to incentivise them to book a holiday with Kuoni.

We developed campaign language to ensure messaging could work across formats such as store, DM, press and social. This was key to the creation of the campaign as we needed to make sure this would be adaptable enough and have longevity to run up until the end of November.

The campaign has now been rolled out across all Kuoni retail and John Lewis stores and is currently live on their website.

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