Top-up at a cash machine – the campaign trail starts here

Top-up at a cash machine – the campaign trail starts here

Did you know that if your wireless mouse runs out of AA batteries, you can just crack open a pack of smaller AAAs, then use tin foil to bridge the gap between the undersized batteries and the connectors? MOUSE RESURRECTION! #Surprise2ndUse. You’re welcome.

Want another lifehack? Of course you do.

Did you know that if you run out of phone credit, you can top-up your mobile at a cash machine? CREDIT BOOM! #Surprise2ndUse. You’re more than welcome.

It’s nice that you, dear reader, know all this. But unless you’re Taylor Swift and will tweet it to your 80.9m followers, how on earth do we get the top-up at a cash machine message to our 16-24 year old target audience – the most likely to own a PAYG mobile phone? Well, if the mountain won’t come to Muhammad, take Muhammad to five different university fresher weeks. (And when we say Muhammad, we mean a van loaded with cash machines and a bunch of prizes).

So, starting this week, on behalf of our awesome client VocaLink, who tasked us to spread the ‘top-up at a cash machine’ message, we’ll be touring the UK in a pimped up transit with one simple mission: to showcase and give away some irreverent and classic student lifehacks and help reinforce the message that cash machines also have a surprise second use. For example, win a tennis ball on our raffle table and we’ll show the lucky student how its surprise second use is a speaker for a tablet, which yes, is also being given away.


Also up for grabs (quite literally – we have an arcade grabber machine to dispense prizes): pint glasses, coffee pots, wireless mice, upcycled furniture star prizes and a city map which highlights some more #Surprise2ndUse lifehacks plus the nearest cash machines.

In a trail of fun from the West of England to Portsmouth, then from Liverpool to York via Bristol, what goes on tour, stays on tour. And by that we mean the message of topping-up at a cash machine.

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