BA – from a cut above the rest to a slice.

BA – from a cut above the rest to a slice.

“Beef or Chicken sandwich? Coffee or Tea is it? Percy Pig?”


“That’ll be £5.55 please. Pounds. Electronic only. No cash. Card only. Or Avios”

“You what?”

“Rest assured it is from Marks’s sir, and the Captain picked the sandwiches up from the Southall branch only this morning so they are relatively fresh.”


“easyJet? No no sir. Their sandwiches are cheaper. But not so their flights.”

“While I’m here I can sell you my uniform for a tenner. I’ll take it off out the back for you before we land”.

Well, we can’t wait to watch this one unfold here at Designate towers. Alex Cruz is already on the back foot claiming that, “We are really far away from becoming a low-cost airline,” but even better adding that  “the partnership with M&S demonstrated BA’s commitment to improving the quality and choice of food for passengers”.

I can imagine my mother clutching her ticket to Mallorca now.

“Why did you choose BA mum?”

“Lovely choice of sandwiches”, she will reply.

Alex Cruz sounds like the man who parks up next to you in his shiny new Hyundai and tells you how great it is because it has a seven year warranty. It isn’t. Face it. Sod the warranty, you should have bought the Honda and you know it.

So in a time when we know that people are willing to pay more for a better experience, we have to ask why BA are doing this. Because apparently it is not because they want to add to their bottom line. And apparently they are already cheaper than most low cost airlines, but they will be able to offer better food. And apparently people choose an airline on price alone and don’t care about the fact that the food is included.”*

So here at Designate, we have the answer. If people don’t care about the airline and only care about the price and quality of the food, then M&S should crack on and launch Marks and Spencair. And they should do it with that schmaltzy voice and a two for a tenner offer.

*Based on unspecified BA research

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