Reach for the Sky

Reach for the Sky

When you’re booking a once-in-a-lifetime experience like an African safari, you probably want to be reassured by friendly and trusted experts who will guide you through the overwhelming raft of information. You’ll also want someone who can guarantee you a truly tailormade experience.

With over 30 years’ experience and a dedicated passionate team, who have all experienced the product first hand, Africa Sky are experts in their field. So, last year we were delighted with the opportunity to work with them. For our first project, we developed a new visual identity for the brand and then designed a website entirely dedicated to their bespoke and luxurious African experiences.


Developing the identity
We wanted to express the authenticity of the brand and instinctively knew the identity needed to have roots in the soul of the product, the culture at the heart of the brand. With an extensive range of luxury 4* and 5* experiences, we also needed a look and feel that would position the brand with confidence and elevate it to a premium space.


A dedicated Africa Sky Safari website
Working closely with the team at Africa Sky, we developed a bespoke website structure and carefully considered the UX journeys for each of the different target customer groups from both the UK and US.

We supported this with a creative idea which explored the idea of nature and pure luxury within the unique African terrain. The simple structure of two words and two images – one representing nature and one representing luxury enabled us to instantly communicate the essence of the Africa Sky safari product and to inspire customers to talk directly to the experts.

We know that customers spend a huge as amount of time doing research for Safari holidays. So the site needed to be informative as well as inspiring. This approach invites customers into a personal customer journey where experts advisors offer tailor made luxury experiences. The new website is designed to be the starting point for a more tailored conversation with the Africa Sky travel experts. Take a look at it here



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