Keep Fierce

Keep Fierce

New York really is the city that never sleeps. All day and all night, it hums with an energy unlike any where else.

Adam and I had the pleasure of a trip to the Big Apple to meet with our exciting new FMCG client, Keep Healthy.

Whilst we were there, we took every opportunity to absorb the creativity, the humans and the boldness of this most impressive city.

Boldness is something that came back to me time and time again. The progressive architecture and development, the most recent of which is 432 Park Avenue, the tallest residential block in the world, resembles a Rubix cube on the famous Manhattan skyline, but remains so pleasing to look at from every angle.

Or the echoing lobby of a 5 star hotel on Madison Avenue with a hidden dirty burger joint tucked away behind drapery. Only a small single neon sign denotes its existence, but once you step in, you’re transported into a busy, loud, chipboard and pallet world with signs written on cardboard and smiling shouted orders competing with the banging Latino music. Step back out, and you can not hear a thing.

Also, while we were there, McCann NYC created a brilliant guerrilla art installation on Wall Street. After reading an article about it, we had to see it for ourselves. To demonstrate the power of having women at the top in business, a phenomenally sculpted bronze ‘fearless girl’ was placed opposite the ‘charging bull’, the symbol of Wall Street wealth and courage, complete with huge and highly visible bollocks.

The impact is immediate and sends a powerful message to women, girls and the business world on International Women’s Day.

Immersing ourselves in New York was re-energising. Exhausting, sure, but something I came away with was a strong sense that boldness and bravery are qualities we must continuously strive for in creativity, especially in a climate where some clients have a tendency to err on the side of caution and possibly even be ‘safe’.

‘Keep Fierce’ is a challenge I’d like to take back to the Designate office. Brighton is wonderfully brave and bold and our thinking and creativity is too. Thank you NYC, we will definitely be back soon.

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