Truly Out of The Ordinary. Kuoni: Travel Brand of the Year

Truly Out of The Ordinary. Kuoni: Travel Brand of the Year

We’re incredibly pleased that our lovely client Kuoni won the very prestigious Travel Brand of the Year award at last night’s Travel Marketing Awards 2017.

It’s been a fun and focused year working with the Kuoni team, their brand and some exciting campaigns, so we couldn’t be prouder to see all the hard work has paid off!

Travel is a competitive market with everyone fighting for standout and brand recognition, but the most successful campaigns are those which are focused on building, embedding and refreshing strong brands that leave a lasting impression.

Kuoni’s difference comes to life through their service. They’re opening new stores across the country, as others move online, as this provides the perfect setting for them to listen to customers, share their knowledge and make the right recommendations for them.

So, it’s no surprise they’re outperforming their competitors on quality, luxury, expertise and with a brand that’s going from strength to strength.

And not only one award, but three on the eve, congratulations to Kuoni for scooping up Best PR team and Best Direct Marketing in Print Award last night too.

Here’s a little reminder of the Out of the Ordinary campaign we did for them.

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