Speakeasy #2

Speakeasy #2

It’s back. After the success of the first Speakeasy, the second is on its way. So keep July 5th free as that’s when it’ll be happening in a London venue.

And the topic’s a hot one:

What should be done about the Trump Slump?

Brexit started the pound sliding which gave British travellers fewer dollars in their pockets overnight. Then the US political landscape changed quite spectacularly, giving rise to a new term in travel: the Trump Slump. Immigration tightening up and a more reactionary government has meant the US has become a less inviting prospect for holidaymakers.

So, what are the prospects for the ‘special relationship’ when it comes to Brits crossing the pond, or Americans coming our way?

Can the US offer anything to overcome the current conditions? What’s so special anyway? What role does Brand USA have in all of this? How will all the new leisure flights be filled? What marketing efforts should be made?

Key representatives of the UK and US travel industry will be invited to share their views and face questions from the audience. Save the date and look out for booking information as tickets will be limited.

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