AFEX win

AFEX win

We have been delighted to be working with a brand new client, AFEX,  one of the world’s largest non-bank providers of foreign exchange solutions, on the launch of their new product; the AFEX PayFEX Currency Card.

This all-in-one corporate solution enables companies to easily track staff expenses, control expenditure and manage staff incentives globally.

Designate collaborated with AFEX in developing the solutions brand identity, naming the product, creating a launch film and providing the UX and design for the microsite.

Naming and identity visualisation:

Our first challenge was to create and develop a new identity for the product. Central to this was ensuring that new product identity and name could initially sit under the umbrella of the AFEX brand, but would also be flexible enough to allow for future development to become a standalone product once fully established.

We knew it was important to find a name that would be memorable and which could also allude to the main purpose of the product, to manage corporate finances globally, the AFEX PayFEX Currency card did just this.

We applied existing elements of the AFEX brand in a refreshing way to give the new identity an exciting look and feel. The product allows management teams a big picture view of their employees expenses throughout the world, so visually we wanted to communicate this powerful benefit.

The supporting aerial photography is distinctive and showcases locations and industry from across the world.

Launch Film:

The launch film has been designed to introduce the product and walk through the various benefits of the product. The films will live online, we’ve also created a variety of short cut-down versions to support ads in social media. A clean typographic visual style that uses a mixture of parallax animation helps to bring stills and live action together.

Website Design:

The website has been designed as a lightweight mobile friendly brochure site that introduces the various prepaid products in a bite-size easy to use format. Overall the design aligns itself with AFEX’s strategy and positions the AFEX PayFEX card as a leading contender within the market place.

If you have questions regarding the project or would like us to take a look at an existing project, please contact or call Designate on +44 (0)1273 704040

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