The Caravan Club, so good they should have named it once.

The Caravan Club, so good they should have named it once.

Last week I blogged about the Co-op embracing the heritage in their brand whilst at the same time managing to improve the look and feel of the company and its product as a whole.  This week is the opposite. I bring you the Caravan Club and its new identity.

Now, we fully understand the dilemma that the Caravan Club have. The world has moved on since their launch in 1907. Well, actually it moved on around 50 years after its launch when the first motorhome was created (the Winnebago, I think). Sixty years on and they have addressed the issue by changing their name to The Caravan and  Motorhome Club.

Well, in my view this is just too late. They probably should have acted faster. Similar to the dilemma Charles Dunstone was faced with with his incredibly sharp business, The Carphone Warehouse, when mobiles (no, not the home, the phone) came along.  He had to think about both his business and the name. He took the decision to stick with it. And despite our now new love for all things retro, I don’t think you can buy a carphone for love nor money. Yet Carphone Warehouse is synonymous with mobiles. Well done, Charles.

And I believe The Caravan Club will always be The Caravan Club no matter what you drive or tow or pack in the trunk of your car (although it would appear that you tenters are still not welcome – dirty dirty canvas lovers that you are, it’s the Caravan and Motorhome Club don’t you know, you know where you can stick your tent pegs – where the sun don’t shine, and don’t think that means our signature Skegness site either*).

So The Caravan and Motorhome Club, I am sorry, but I think you have missed the point. You say you are moving on and looking at pastures new, but you’ve moved at the pace of a gasping Ford Mondeo tugging an Bailey Unicorn Barcelona to Cornwall, it’s simply too late. You have dropped your heritage, you have changed a name that has the power of Sellotape, and offended your members by not involving them and possibly sending them running to your nearest rival.

So this weekend I’ll be filling the fridge of my beige motorhome at the Co-op and driving off to The Camping and Caravanning Club… wait, no motorhome in the name? What am I going to do now? Nah, what do they care ? They do it with confidence.

*some sites do accept tenters… if you dare.


Since this article went live, we’d like to credit the Caravan and Motor Home Club for getting in touch with us to say that they did consult some of their members on the rebrand and to make clear that they do like people in tents (although they chose not to call it The Caravan Motorhome and Tent Club).

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