Brand New Yesterday

Brand New Yesterday

I bang on about it all the time, but I love brand. It’s a passion of ours at Designate. And we like to be honest about it too. This week has been a great examples of what to do and what not to do if you’re looking after a great brand. Not least proved with the election. Let’s be frank, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Know who you are, what you stand for and be clear about it.

I wrote last week about the new and unnecessary Caravan Club rebrand and attempt to change what they stand for. Didn’t work. And here’s another – British Airways. Following the dreadful failure of BA last weekend, I had the difficult choice of extending my holiday in Mallorca after flying there with someone else. Every cloud has a silver lining, I guess.

The damage to the already damaged BA brand has been quite considerable, and indeed, quite considered by the public at the same time.

It would appear that rather than an out and out attack, people have concluded that BA are simply doing things on the cheap. They have brought in a man from a cheap Spanish ‘pack ’em in’ airline and it feels like Mr Cruz has his eyes on the Ryanair prize. Or perhaps BA have engaged… Cruzcontrol. It feels like they are heading for a disaster greater than the tail fin disaster of the Thatcher Years (I was present at the launch as BA was a client at the time – and yes, I disapproved and told them so. To deaf ears, of course).

I recently wrote about my concerns for the BA Brand here . But since then they have gone from bread to wurst – the silver lining definitely didn’t appear for a chap called Jeff Wilson and this wonderful piece of customer relations from our very own high cost low service airline. His response is excellent and shows the power of people and social in this day that we now live in.

It seems that good old British Airways is in free-fall and unravelling quicker than Judy’s Finnigan’s top at an awards do.

At this rate they will lose more seats than the Tories during a snap election. BA are damaging your brand, your position and you are taking big risks. Ask Theresa, she May have the answer.  And that’s another damaged brand without a clear message. It’s been an awful election called for no real reason. You used to know where you stood with the Conservatives. This time round it was a mess. She made herself the product, not the party obviously Brexit meant Brexit, whatever that meant in the first place.

And compare that to the Co-op another brand that I wrote about recently . They’re returned to doing what they do best. Being a good shop with good values. Same with Labour. They’ve gone back to what they used to be. No matter what you think of Jeremy Corbyn, you knew where you stood with him this time. They had a simple message – they were the anti Tory party – and in the messed up times that we live in that cuts through. And has bought them success.

So Maybe Tory Theresa and the Caravan Club should not try to fix what isn’t broken and show confidence and understanding in what they have, or maybe follow the Labour Co-op lead and return to your strong brand values. But overall look after your customers and never take them for granted. Lessons to be learned I feel.


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