My 3 months of Hellth

My 3 months of Hellth

“Slip me the needle through the letterbox and all will be fine. ”

I scared myself the other day. At the tail end of another typical week at the helm of our wonderful advertising agency, Designate, twinkling lights in the eyes were closely followed by my waking up on my kitchen floor. I had passed out for the first time in my life.

“Was that real, or are you bored of my conversation?” were the caring words from my wife, Lou.

I have to admit I lied to her and said I was bored of her, but truth be told since returning from the USA I hadn’t stopped. Blending work with pleasure, as I have so skillfuly managed since starting Designate 24 years ago.

I am 50 in December and this was my first wake up call. Or sleep call. Or whatever you want to call it. But I have to say it nearly stopped me in my tracks. Nearly…

“Time for change.” The wife announced to me the following morning, “You are off the booze”.

“Fuck it, if I’m doing that, I’m doing everything then” was my response.

And that’s what brought me to this blog, nearly three weeks in, on a Thursday. Booze free and vegan. And still annoying everyone around me, but no longer as the loud drunk. Now the loud water swilling vegan. “Yes, you can still lord it as a vegan, Adam,” announced our CSD Miriam as I tucked in to my gluten-free mushroom burger at Glyndebourne with our lovely new client Medichecks.

Medichecks is a brilliant product. A full blood test kit delivered to your door like a Deliveroo – only it’s by post and fits through your letterbox. You get the choice of the DIY version, or a nip to the local hospital to the friendly phlebotomist (had I known about that word before I would have chosen that career, believe me).

So if my moment two weeks ago was like an oil light on an old Volvo 240 coming on halfway up the M4 then I want to know about it. I announced to Helen, the matron of Medichecks that I needed to be checked, and fully.

Our “Diet Check UltraVit” packs arrived in the post the day after we decided to do it. A quick trip to the phleb. took 20 minutes and the samples have been sent off to Medichecks lab. I now sign up online and wait for my digital dashboard to be delivered to my phone. Literally yes, an Adam Hill dashboard, but luckily one that doesn’t show me how many ‘miles’ I have covered over the past nearly 50 years…

Lou and I are genuinely looking forward to this. But what is more exciting is the fact that we can track our progress and see what this three months of Hellth has actually achieved. I just hope we can deliver like Medichecks do.

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