How to Win At Travel: The Mole speaks

How to Win At Travel: The Mole speaks

The TravelMole Web Awards take place next week on Wednesday 15th November. So we’ve asked the Mole himself, Graham McKenzie to write us a guest blog and share his thoughts about the current state of the game, the challenges it’s facing and what we at Designate do.

Here’s Graham:

In case you hadn’t noticed, Brand is important at Designate. It oozes out of everything they do, be it a television advert, an online banner, a strapline, a website design or a simple logo. It’s their passion and it shows whenever you have contact with them.

Within the travel industry one could argue that Brand has become less important or more accurately, less evident in the past ten years. More and more companies rely almost solely on Google ads and price to determine levels of business.

General standards of service levels appear to have been sacrificed in the perpetual toil for better margins and resultant bottom lines. Longer queues for call centres, poorer meals on aeroplanes, difficulty in dealing with issues, lower levels of training are all manifest in many a company. When these factors are considered you can see long-established and famous brands become tarnished and almost non-existent.

With this in mind, we at TravelMole felt that it was about time for us to do our little bit to fight back for Brand importance within travel by introducing a new a category in our web awards – best branded site.

Imagine our delight when Designate agreed to become sponsors of this and, given their penchant for making sure work is fun, also sponsoring the after party.

It may not persuade many companies to turn off the drug of Google ads for investment in brand values, but you never know.

PS: There’s still time to vote here

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