Great work comes from the Heart.

Great work comes from the Heart.

So this is what we’ve been working on of late. And it’s a big one. In fact the biggest thing we’ve ever done here. Our new campaign for LV= – four TV ads, 48 sheet posters, 6 sheet posters, online banners, press ads and inserts too.

The brief that came in from LV= was pretty big too. To demonstrate a simple but essential truth that’s central to what they do – that they have their customers best interests at heart. LV= are incredibly proud of their service, products and what they do for their customers. This year they wanted to lead with a new product that was being launched – a Multi Car policy that was their cheapest way for a family to insure their cars when they switched to LV=.

LV= are also incredibly aware and proud of their brand and the strength that it has. The heart has become readily identifiable and central to their identity. And so has the music too. Have Love Will Travel has become associated with the brand. So as well as telling the new story how could we make even more of the heart and music?

And so From The Heart was born. A campaign idea that works on an emotional scale showcasing how they deliver for their customers but also the more rational benefits of getting your insurance from LV= – the heart – itself. And of course, there’s that other key element of the LV= brand – a positive approach to insurance with more than a few quirks too.

We wanted the campaign to have a big consistent feel across all the assets we were producing. That’s when we turned to RSA director Ben Scott to bring the TV to life. He’s got a fantastic background in delivering eye-catching, clever, engaging set based films where the magic happens in camera not in a post production studio. Perfect for what we had in mind.

Shooting four ads in five days was no short order, but he delivered in spades. Getting ready for the shoot was a big technical challenge too – concepting, designing and building from scratch three incredible complex sets in just a matter of weeks, but that was just the thing the team achieved.


The first of the ads for LV=’s new Multi Car product launches on January 29th, it’ll be supported by posters, online, press and social activity. And look out for the rest of the campaign as it launches over the year.


Nick Whitnell, Head of GI Marketing at LV= said, “The From the Heart Campaign is an exciting new step forward for us. It takes the very best of the LV= brand, adds a new layer and moves us into a new territory. It’s bold, energetic and bright. And of course, not without a few fun, visual quirks too.”

And Miriam Boote, Director, Client Services at Designate, said “We’ve been working with LV= for over a decade now and the success of the brand has been almost unprecedented in the sector. This new campaign was devised to enrich their general insurance offer further, demonstrating the range and breadth of distinctive products which represent choice, simplicity and extra peace of mind and a service that is delivered from the heart.”

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