Feeling the LV=

Feeling the LV=

Whenever Designate launches a new campaign, we’ve aimed at KPIs and focussed those goals on having developed a compelling and differentiating campaign in the market place. And whilst we are confident that it will work, we await the first set of results with bated breath. Both planners and creatives ask often: ‘Any news? Campaign launch results in yet?’

So when those results start flooding in and exceeding even the most ambitious of targets, taking even the marketing team by surprise, we know we are on to a winner. Since launching the campaign ‘From the Heart’ for LV= in January of this year along with a new product, Multi Car, the insurer is the fastest growing motor insurance brand in the UK, now sitting at number 2 in the market place. Not bad at all.

The campaign itself was a brilliant example of how Designate works best, working collaboratively with ambitious and creative people, and the marketing team at LV= are just that.

And with this commercial success, there has been a flurry of award nominations, the first of which is already in the bag. ‘Brand Management of The Year’ at the industry biggie, The British Insurance Awards. And since then, the campaign and marketing team have been nominated for SIX other awards at the Insurance and PR awards and the Masters of Marketing awards, in integrated campaign, digital, search, search and marketing team of the year. And all this, as the campaign continues to develop. Very exciting times and I am expecting many more enquiries from around the agency as the campaign continues to develop and smash targets and as the awards (hopefully) come home to the heart.

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