Creative, ambitious and adventurous: it’s not a pipe dream

Creative, ambitious and adventurous: it’s not a pipe dream

We spend all our time looking after other people’s brands. And very successfully at that.

So, at the grand old age of 25, we thought it was high time we took another look at our own brand here at Designate.

A quarter of a century is a long time by any measure, but in the world of advertising and marketing communications it literally spans several eras.

A lot has changed, and so have we. In our time we have evolved, expanded, rationalised, specialised, diversified, focussed, refocussed, and followed many other interesting twists and turns.

But when we took a hard, objective look at what defines Designate, it took us about two minutes to isolate what has been at the heart of everything we are about, throughout. Creative passion. Solidly grounded in strategic thinking.

It’s what has transformed many of our clients’ brands and delivered them commercial success.

And it’s what has seen our business grow through recommendation.

So how do we sum it all up?

We are creative partners to ambitious and adventurous people.

These key words define how we work and crucially, who we want to work with:

Creative, adding real value, not peddling some kind of commodity.

Partners, in a proper, mutually beneficial relationship, not just a supplier in some old-school parent-child commercial transaction.

Ambitious, looking forward, upwards and over the horizon, not backwards.

Adventurous, brave, open-minded, passionate, not conservative or conventional.

People, individuals, organisations, companies and brands, but real people in every case.

It’s a positioning we may have only recently articulated, but it’s been the driving force of our business from the very beginning.

And people who see the value in it, benefit from it. Like true partners.

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