On set with Designate

On set with Designate

This week I got myself over to Brighton to start my first week as Designate’s new intern. By day two I was sent off back to London on a shoot for a client’s first ever TV advert. This was the first and perhaps only clue I needed to know that the next couple of months are going to be very interesting. Well that, and the fact there is a massive painting of Snoop Dogg in the account handling office.

The day started with a 6.30am call time over in Stratford, slap bang right next to that weird red Olympics building that looks like a child has scribbled it on a restaurant menu with some blunt Crayolas. With the camera man’s back to that situation, it turns out the other view is actually a very nice scenic canal shot.

For the next location we headed to a house recognised by some as The Big Breakfast house. But unfortunately for me (or maybe fortunately?) I had never experienced waking up to that on Channel 4, seeing as it stopped airing when I was 8. This location had a food stylist working with an insane amount of dreamy looking fresh fruit, with a dragon fruit taking centre stage. It was at this moment that I was again reminded that an internship at Designate was never going to be boring.

Most shoots would aim for one or perhaps two locations but Designate went with four. The third location was a gym and I will forever appreciate and respect the way in which the crew sat inside the gym amongst actual gym goers and ate Twirls and KitKats in front of them.

For our final location we headed further east to Epping Forest. We ended a so far smooth-running shoot day by introducing a dog into the mix. At first, I was sceptical as to whether this canine actor could be a potential diva. But that was not the case, Joey the dog was actually not too Mariah like at all. Good news all round.

And that ended a long but fascinating day on shoot with Designate. Highlights included observing Dan, Kriston and Libby’s attention to detail with the specifics of each shot, being driven around in crew vans from location to location which felt like we were on tour and being handed leftovers from the food stylist to take home. Looking forward to week two.

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