In the know and now on TV

In the know and now on TV

We first met Medichecks last year when they came to us to create their first tube car panel campaign. It was the biggest advertising venture the company had ever done so it was an exciting time for both us and them. Fast forward to now and we are launching their first ever TV advert.

Medichecks do personal blood checks that you can do in the privacy of your own home, getting the results online, once the you’ve sent your test in. It’s a simple easy to use product that will revolutionise the way we think about our health. No need for time consuming GP visits, you’re in control now, and you can find out the information that you need to know too.

As a relatively new product to market in the UK our goal was to firstly educate and normalise viewers about the service but also align the brand to the huge everyday health and lifestyle trends we see in our daily lives.

Designate Creative Head, Kriston Reid, explains “Medichecks empowers people to take a proactive approach to understanding their health above and beyond the data that current sports apps offer. The positioning of the brand is friendly and modern and importantly, easy-to-use. We see a huge demand for health products across many sectors like tech, food and experience. Consumers are data hungry and are constantly looking to understand themselves better. With Medichecks you’ll know yourself inside out!”

Medichecks wanted to do a TV advert to reach a wider audience and show that home blood testing is a quick and easy process and can help people to track and understand their health in a new way. The advert, ‘Get Medichecked’, presents four ordinary people going about their everyday lives showing it is easy to keep track of their health. Whether it’s living your best life and doing the things you love by getting an insight into how you can improve your body or checking your thyroid for answers to weight loss and fatigue, Medichecks is available to everyone.

A key consideration for the advert was the four people featured in it, ensuring they genuinely lived the part in their everyday lives to make it feel authentic and real. Rhonda, our runner is actively fit and runs most mornings along the canal and our dog walker, had a genuine love of dogs and enjoys walking outdoors.

The ads were created at Designate and shot by director Sam Ojari from Studio Yes, with post production work being handled by the folk at Big Buoy.

The ads are voiced by Oscar winning actor, Rachel Shenton, who won the Live Action Film Category this year for her film ‘The Silent Child’.

Adam Hill, partner at Designate truly believes Medichecks can be the ‘Deliveroo’ of the healthcare service. He says of the advert “It’s the first time on television for Medichecks, a most exciting brand run by people with big ambitions. We are all very excited to be at the forefront of this exciting sector together”.

The advert launches across Sky channels on 2nd September and will be shown throughout various times in the day.

This TV campaign ‘Get Medichecked’ starts the launch of a broader integrated campaign we are doing for Medichecks across OOH, digital and social.


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