Breaking the law

Breaking the law

When you look at law firms’ websites, they’re frequently much of a muchness. Stock style, stock fonts and a whole world of stock photography. If you’re lucky, you may even land on a 3D rotating world on their home page.

Which is why when we met with our new client asb law, we got excited.  Designate hasn’t had much experience working with law firms specifically, but our approach makes us sector agnostic. And asb law have a unique approach to their business which we loved. We both thought partnering up and breaking a few laws of legal branding would be a great way to create a unique standout brand and new website. 

In true Designate style, we jumped in head first, researched and learned about the sector, and replied to the tender document which was for a website re-design. We knew the brand needed elevating across the board and approached the project with a more holistic brand strategy.

Needless to say our approach added huge amounts of value to the entire company.  We challenged the vision, proposition and re-visited the values they had built the business on to date.

asb law is one of the South-East’s largest law firms delivering a range of commercial legal services for business and people and including specialist  expertise in aviation, real estate and support to corporate counsel.

As part of its client-focused strategy, asb law made some seismic organisational changes. The decision to move away from billable hours anddepartmental targets in favour of a long-term view of client relationships, is perhaps one of the most fundamental changes.

“We’ve stopped thinking about what we’re selling and started thinking about what clients want and expect.” said asb law’s Finance Director, Nick Lakhani.

“The legal market is broken. Lots of firms claim to be client-centric but then their behaviours, billing structures and organisational make-up say something quite different. We wanted to challenge conventional legal thinking and find innovative ways to give our clients the best the market has to offer. To do that we’ve worked hard to align the way we work and how we make clients feel with our ambitions and strategy.”

Designate’s strategic brand approach enabled asb law to focus the brand on the real business of a law firm which is to place the understanding of people and business first and apply the technicalities of law to enable clients to achieve their goals. View our case study here

asb law are people first, lawyers second. This approach informed everything Designate delivered including corporate identity, user experience, digital design, photography and brand guidelines which included a range of stationery and templates.

Visit the asb law website.


  • January 19, 2019

    David Martin

    Brilliant !

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