Making a difference… to Brighton

LoveInABox Designate Brighton YMCA

Making a difference… to Brighton

Making a difference… to Brighton

At Designate our work goes out with the stamp ‘made in Brighton’ on it.  We’re proud of our city and we try to play an active role in it.

Some of you may remember a certain take-over of Brighton Pier in celebration of our 25thBirthday, where we able to raise over £2000 for the YMCA to provide support to homeless 16-24-year olds in the city.  

But we didn’t stop there.

At Christmas, we normally find ourselves buying a selection of wines to gift to our Designate friends. This time we did something different. Money we would have spent on client entertainment was put to a different use, helping the hundreds of homeless youngsters relying on the YMCA to assist them with food and accommodation during one of the coldest times of the year.  

We spent hours individually wrapping over 150 gifts ranging from socks and chocolate to make-up and Bluetooth speakers and delivered boxes packed with the presents to the local YMCA for distribution on Christmas Eve.

We called it #loveinabox

It was nice to think that around Brighton we would be making someone’s Christmas that bit better.

We’ve got mail

Fast forward to 2019 and a hand delivered letter arrived at Designate.  It was from Nick. 

“I would really like to thank you for helping me out and being so kind at Christmas.

I don’t think you have any idea how happy you made me.

On Christmas Eve I was waiting around as I was homeless and had been for two years on the streets of Brighton.

There I was feeling pretty down as I don’t have any family that care about me and nowhere to go for Christmas dinner

Certainly, would not have had any presents to unwrap.”

Nick, shared his joy and happiness over five pages – who’d have thought such a small gesture could have such an impact.  He also shared his passion for music and we are looking forward to him joining us on the Designate radio show on 1BTN next month and talking about his experiences to highlight the YMCA’s Sleep Easy sleepout.

Continuing the love

In 2019 we will continue our ambitious efforts to make a difference to the homeless youngsters of Brighton.  Whether that is through regular donations to the YMCA food bank, taking part in the 2019 Sleep Easy campaign, running giant assault courses or simply buying someone a sandwich.  Together we can make a difference.

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