Sharing the love…

Five things we love

Sharing the love…

It’s that special day today, so we thought we’d mark the occasion by sharing five things that we have loved this week. Hope you love them too.

1. Morrisons

Rainbow Roses – to be given to anyone by anyone

This Valentine’s Morrisons have teamed up with The Albert Kennedy Trust, a LGBTQ+ youth homeless charity, to produce a unique multi-coloured rainbow rose.  50p per rose sold will be donated to the charity which provides support and safe homes to young people identifying as lesbian, gay, bi or trans.

2. Shinichi Maruyama

An incredible world renowned, Japanese artist who focuses on capturing moments in time of energy, motion and collision.

His ‘Kusho’ series is my personal favourite. His background is in calligraphy, so this capturing of ink in motion is such an interesting and beautiful progressing from that – like he’s allowing us to see what calligraphy looks like unrestrained by paper or surface.

3. Living Wage – Brighton & Hove

We believe in people power

We love our people – they make the biggest difference to our business. Brighton is city of diversity and creativity, the very things that make our business thrive. However, the cost of living in this vibrant location is high, which is why we support the living wage campaign to ensure our people can focus on enjoying their work and being creative without the constraints of low pay.

4. M&S

This is not just a sausage… its’s an M&S Love Sausage

Another seasonal entry is the naughty innuendo fuelled campaign from M&S – a weighty heart shaped Cumberland sausage for two.  Not wanting to upset non-meat eater they also revealed a vegan ‘Heart-beet burger’ made from roasted beetroot and sweet onion.

5. 1BTN

1 World. 1 Love. 1BTN

We love a bit of radio too. And 1BTN is awesome. Local, but with a great selection of music, amazing DJs (okay, we’re slightly biased here) and big name guest spots. We love it so much, we’ve decided to sponsor all of Friday, the most Designate of days.  

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