How fit and mobile are you?

How fit and mobile are you?

Did you know by 2020, it’s estimated three quarters of the world’s mobile data being consumed will be video data? So how fit for purpose on mobile are you in your latest or future campaigns?

Currently 2.2 billion people are consuming content on Facebook every month and there are 1 billion active accounts on instagram. Then consider that 95% of all visitors on Facebook are on smart phones or tablets! It’s about time you shifted your traditional media budgets into these channels and prioritise your mobile video earlier in the campaign lifecycle.

I get irritated that mobile is perceived to be a second screen when in fact it is the screen. It’s the most popular screen and the screen that you look at first thing in the morning and last thing at night. Mobile screens get more eyeball time than any other. FACT!

The term cut-down needs to take a long walk and disappear, it’s lazy and insulting to the majority of your audience. I’ve seen 30″ TV scripts reach revision 34, yet the cutdown, after thought mobile version gets hacked together in the edit suite if time allows. Okay, so you get the picture. Here’s something a little more positive.

I recently visited Facebook’s headquarters in London for the Fit For Purpose breakfast workshop and I thought I’d share some insight, tips and considerations for designing and shooting for mobile.

Format: Firstly it’s vertical, that widescreen tv mode in your head needs to flip. 16:9 becomes 9:16. I know it’s drastic, but it’s real and it’s here to stay.
As for shoots, the ideal thing to do is to shoot on two cameras – one for landscape and one for vertical. The specs for mobile video can be found here:

Audio: Sad but true, most viewers have sound turned off. So turn up your motion graphics, title design and captions instead. For longer formats, communicate that it’s worth turning the sound on. Reward your audience for doing so.

Visual: Make it pop, this isn’t TV, it’s a busy channel and the ad needs to work hard to make people stop in their scrolling tracks. Bold bright colours get better engagement. Make it move, be dynamic with your transitions and animation. Think of flashing lights and you’re getting there. By using motion graphics for your titles you can get past the stupid 20% rule. Consider that the content is closer to the viewer, they are holding this content in their hands, it’s not across the room on a widescreen TV.

Creative: Be different, have something to say. Experiment with interesting formats, create cinemagraphs, use the plethora of mobile video apps available on your smart phone. Some are truly amazing. Lastly remember creative is king so have a banging idea and get noticed.

Some of the video ads from Designate:

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