Why Brighton is a breath of fresh air.

Conor - a breath of fresh air

Why Brighton is a breath of fresh air.

Conor Daly is a recent creative graduate from the Watford advertising course. When he came down to see us, he showed us work we loved and impressed with his attitude and approach. He’s also a really nice bloke and he’s written us a blog about his experiences with us as an intern in Brighton. 

I am a recent graduate looking to start a career in advertising. In looking for internships I was lucky enough to be invited for a meeting further afield than the London square mile I was initially looking into. Walking through the heart of Brighton and arriving at Designate I was impressed and amazed at this new world I had not expected in my chosen career. I was also shocked and admittedly slightly ashamed that Designate and Brighton as a city hadn’t been particularly high on my radar to begin with when I had originally set out.

Over the last few weeks everyone has been very welcoming and supremely helpful. Giving me a great insight into how business is done, how creativity awakens whether there’s pressure or not and how a place like Brighton can stand strong in its own right in a business dominated by central London. There’s a focused approach to work here but not one devoid of smiles. Meetings are full of laughter and decisions seem to be landed on with multiple people agreeing on them, both in creative and out. There is a real communal energy which is certainly not something you get at most agencies. From accounts to designers everyone can speak freely and contribute openly. This dynamic seems to be understood and appreciated by big business hence clients like LV= and Priority Pass choosing to work with Designate over one of the behemoths in the capital.

The work is exciting. I am limited in what I can say here, but I was able to to contribute to one such brief in a way an intern wouldn’t dream of in most London agencies. This I know as I have friends at them. It is testament to the very Brighton nature of openness at Designate that a short term placement is able to get ideas heard on what I can objectively say is an exciting brief. Everyone works very hard and everyone wants the work to be the best it can be. It’s a cliche but ‘okay’ really isn’t an option as creative push to make their vision a reality on a daily basis. That’s not to say there isn’t fun to be had. Cocktails on Friday are as strong as they are delicious and this being Brighton there is a pub two minutes in pretty much any direction, a benefit I’ve been more than happy to take full advantage of.

Perhaps the hardest thing to admit as a proud Londoner is the special feeling leaving it and arriving in Brighton every day. Certainly there is a sick enjoyment each morning as I look across to the morose faces on the platform opposite as they await their cramped venture into central London and I’m sure a feeling of deep hatred as they stare at my smug face going the opposite way. More than schadenfreude however there is something special about stepping out of Brighton station and walking down Trafalgar street each morning. The energy is different to London, it doesn’t really feel like you’re coming to a place of work (though as I’ve said very hard work is done here every day). The buildings aren’t giant phallic monuments to vanity and suits are scarce. People seem happier and friendlier, the air is fresher.

As my month is finally coming to an end I can openly state that my time here has been constructive and truly beneficial. I leave with not only valuable experience in copywriting, concept creation and presentation, but also the knowledge that I’m not limited to London forever in searching for great creative work. Fresh air and advertising can mix which I’m sure will surprise my peers back in the big smoke, all of whom I’ll be singing Designate’s praises to.

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