Time for a little adventure with Columbus

Time for a little adventure with Columbus

We thought it was high time we shared some new work we’ve been doing for our client Columbus Direct. They’re a travel insurance company whose product is aimed at younger travellers and families.

Recently, they’ve looked at their product and brand and developed an ‘adventure-ready’ positioning. And by adventure-ready, they mean it’s ready for all of life’s little adventures. For some that may mean action-packed, adrenaline fuelled holidays involving skiing, diving, hiking, canoeing and so on. For others, and especially families, just getting the kids packed, ready and on the plane can be adventurous enough.

So our new work has had to take in a broad range of activities and target audiences. Luckily Columbus’ tone of voice and visual identity is as adventurous as their product and that gave us the opportunity to create some stunning creative combined with hard-hitting, but playful headlines that would really stand out.

And as these ads were running across the southern part of the UK rail network, the London Underground and on Manchester trams they needed to do just that.

The campaign has been running seasonally too, with more tactical executions created to run in the lead up to Christmas and Easter, both key times for family getaways. So that allowed us to have a bit of fun around seasonal adventures – from getting new Christmas lights to discovering new cities.

Columbus Adventures Out of Home

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