We’re electric

We’re electric

We’re particularly ahem… amped to show off some new work we’ve done for LV= General Insurance (LV= GI). Future-thinking, the environment and travel are all really close to our hearts so this was a big one for us to be involved in. And the size of the work involved was huge, literally. We were on it.

Because what LV= GI were doing was shaking up, innovating and leading the market. They are the first major insurance company to launch insurance solely for electric cars. And we love an EV here. In fact, Adam’s just got an electric Golf.

And product launches are always a big deal for us too. Especially as working in partnership with media company, Initiative, we wanted LV= GI to be seen all over the country with a particular emphasis on some innovative and just massive outdoor sites.

We wanted to come up with something that neatly developed on from our last From The Heart campaign, but was also distinct in its own right to highlight the uniqueness of the product.

So we developed a ‘We’re Electrifying Insurance’ campaign identity that not only looked amazing when you saw it on your mobile or laptop, but looked stunning when you saw it on the three massive screens that make up the outdoor poster site Westfield shopping centre in Holland Park.

And that’s one exciting bit of tech. It uses VRT – Vehicle Recognition Technology. Sophisticated cameras and a huge database behind the scenes meant that we were able to specifically target and identify drivers of electric vehicles and serve them a message from LV= GI tailored specifically for them. The screens the messaging appeared on are huge, dominating the surrounding area and giving the campaign massive standout. And they’re not static either, we were able to have motion graphic animation on them too.

And we were outside in Manchester too, on the Loop – 19 digital six sheet sites around the city centre. Once again we were able to vary the messaging to bring out different specific product points to tell more of the story.

We were also able to target a tech savvy crowd with Inlink sites in Sheffield, Manchester and London. These digital sites double up with free wifi, phone and charging capability so a great fit for this project.

The media strategy also allowed us to create bespoke banner messaging that was aimed at not just owners of electric cars, but those who were in market for one and those considering a purchase in the coming years. This was through a mixture of programmatic and contextual advertising.

We’re loving the way this has come out and the results that LV= GI got from it too. Quotes went up a massive 138% over pre-campaign levels and the proportion of EV policies in overall motor sales was up by a whopping 70% too.

Sarah Chastney, Senior Digital and Marketing Manager of LV= GI, said: “Being the first to market with a product is always very exciting and we needed to ensure that our Marketing strategy was just as innovative as the product itself. The concept that Designate came up with has definitely achieved this. The visuals are fantastic and we’re looking forward to using VRT for the first time.”

Designate’s Creative Innovation Head, Kriston Reid, said, “It’s interesting how people’s behaviours to driving are already changing, it’s no longer limited to early adopters. Electric vehicles are becoming mainstream, we are seeing an influx of them in urban locations and the supporting charging infrastructure becoming more widespread. Insurance and the way people are driving is changing too. LV=’s innovative approach demanded an innovative solution and it’s been really exciting to be working with outdoor tech like VRT to deliver this.”

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