Hip to be cool

Brighton Hipster Knuckle Tattoo

Hip to be cool

Big news for us today. We nearly choked on the froth from our deconstructed super skinny cold press lattes when we saw it.

The Independent – Brighton the most hipster city in the world

Brighton, the most hipster place in the world? We went out and got some new knuckle tattoos to celebrate.

But guess what? We knew it all along. We were already here. We preferred the early work.

Brighton’s always had a progressive, diverse and most of all creative attitude. It’s why many of us live here. It’s the reason the agency was set up over 25 years ago  and has thrived here. According to Campaign’s latest School Report, we’re the highest ranked agency, outside London in the South and South East.

We weren’t looking for the next thing, it already was here. Cool creative life outside the Soho, Shoreditch, Hackney bubble already existed. And it was wearing flip flops and was down at the beach. It’s why there are so many talented creative people living here, why there are so many start ups, so many exciting opportunities here.

And here’s some more news.  Good creative environments produce good creative work and happy creative people.

PS. We’re hiring at the moment. If you’re a Senior Digital Designer or Senior Art Director you might just want to get in touch (email your stuff to recruitment@designate.com).

Don’t worry if you haven’t got a beard or plaid shirt there’s still a place.

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