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We recently began a new and exciting partnership with a high street and online travel agent.

Travelbag have a rich history of making long-haul travel more accessible and more affordable.

They’re an exciting company led by ambitious and adventurous people. In many ways, they’re the perfect fit for us.

So why, as an advertising agency, did we decide the best way to make this partnership work was by forgetting about their advertising?

Initially, Travelbag had asked us to look at their upcoming campaign. But the opportunity we saw was not to advertise, but to completely reinvigorate the brand. To tell the story that defines them and can make them as relevant today as they were 40 years ago, when they first pioneered travel to Australia and New Zealand for ordinary people.

So we did exactly that. We did our research and discovered not only what Travelbag means to customers, but to themselves. We asked everyone from call centre staff to people on the street what they feel the brand stands for, what they do brilliantly and what they need to work on.

The results gave Travelbag a new perspective on who they are and a refreshed brand positioning that they’re as excited about as we are.

Out There Made Easy’ stays true to what Travelbag have always represented. Through great service, genuine expertise and competitive pricing, they empower people to get more from their holidays. They simplify long-haul travel at every step, offering customers more than they ever thought possible, often for less than they ever imagined.

Distilling this offering into a clear and succinct proposition was the result of comprehensive research into what the brand means to customers and where it can offer value over and above the competition. Trying to advertise without going through this process is not only ineffective, it can actually be dangerous.

Each attempt to reinvent a company with advertising that’s not based on a brand truth takes it further away from what makes it mean something to people.

But start in the right place and you have a platform from which you can shape everything you do – including (thankfully for us) your advertising.

Your ads become more meaningful, more relevant and more effective.

The lesson for brands is to stop obsessing about ads. The lesson for us is to continue partnering with ambitious and adventurous people.

And when you stop obsessing about short term results and start looking to build your brand long term, focussing on what you do best, then your creative strategy becomes, well… that little bit easier.

Travelbag’s new campaign has just launched and will be appearing near on you on 48 sheets, six sheets, train card panels, bus sides, press and also TV as well as online.


We’re hugely excited to be working with Travelbag. Together we’re taking the brand on a new and exciting adventure that’s rooted in something they’ve always been:

Out there made easy.

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