Need to make your brand stand out? Talk to the (Telet)experts

Need to make your brand stand out? Talk to the (Telet)experts

We’ve just launched a brand new campaign for Teletext Holidays. Launching with TV activity, our work will also be seen online and in the press. Teletext Holidays have a truly memorable name, but people are unaware of what they offer and how they do it. And for an online travel company that delivers great value short and long haul sunshine destination holidays, they do it a little differently.

Sure, they have a website that’s packed with loads of brilliant deals, but what they also have are expert staff who know the destinations, understand what their customers want and help guide you to the best holiday for you. Best of all, they’re always at the end of the phone and ready to talk to you whenever you want to talk holidays.

So we positioned them as the Teletextperts – the people who quite naturally have a great deal to talk to you about.

Knowing that TV can deliver a brand punch like no other media, Teletext Holidays were keen to work with an agency who could provide that maximum creative impact within their budget. And we know how to do just that and more besides.

So we developed a slightly surreal standout campaign idea that would give them standout.

The TV execution is based around their staff Teletextperts appearing as if by magic whenever you need them. Using renowned comedy director Trevor Melvin, we created a TV spot showing Teletext staff offering holiday help, no matter where their customers are when they get in touch – even if that’s say ,in the bath, at home in the kitchen, or may be at work.

Shot in one location on one day, the Teletextperts ad gives them a clear positioning and differentiation and stands out against in generic undifferentiated market. The campaign has also been worked through Teletext Holiday’s communications leading on their website, banner ads and press ads too.


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