Creative that’s made for you, works for you

Creative that’s made for you, works for you

We’ve recently been working with Audley Travel. A company that prides itself on delivering premium tailor-made experiences for the people who book with them. It’s been a truly broad project and a very exciting one for us – producing a new brand architecture and tone of voice for Audley, taking it right through to a new advertising campaign that will position them in a genuinely unique and standout way. In a sea of generic turn of year campaigns, what we’ve produced positions Audley in a different and uncommon way.

Audley’s attention to detail and perfectionism is a key point of difference in the travel industry. Their staff have expert knowledge of individual countries and spend time with customers to make sure that the journeys they experience really match their ambitions. It’s a case of not finding out where they want to go, but how they want to feel. For Audley, the holiday experience shouldn’t end when you come back home, it should be transformative and live on with you, changing your world view.

This insight led us to a clear brand proposition:  Travel made the Audley way stays with you forever.

We then developed a campaign to bring it all to life. We were keen to avoid stock travel cliches and find a way to visualise the transformation that Audley can bring. Working with photographer Jon Enoch, we shot portraits of typical Audley customers and then manipulated them, merging in elements of destinations, landscapes and experiences to really show that ‘Travel That’s Made For You, Stays With You’.

The result is a truly visually rich and engaging campaign look that delivered true standout in Harper’s Bazaar, the Sunday Times, Times, Telegraph and Good Housekeeping.



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