Find the place and find your audience

Find the place and find your audience

We’ve just launched a new campaign for Brittany Ferries. We’ve been working together to deliver a highly targeted, highly personalised way of bringing to life their brand aim of revealing the fantastic destinations on the Western Coast of Europe.

Previously, Brittany Ferries campaigns had been led by TV. The aim of sharing more diverse destinations with their target audience meant that this year we were going to be delivering a film-based campaign in VOD and in an online environment. Google recently launched Director Mix a tool created to do just this. Using a base video it’s possible to change distinct elements such as sections of film, voiceover, CTA and other titling to allow the messaging to be aimed at more focussed groups rather than relying on a broad brush generic approach.

So we needed to find a campaign concept that could not only create impact across one film, but also continue deliver across twenty plus other versions too. These would vary in length from 30″ films  to 6″ bumpers. Targeted audience segments varied from those who had shown a general interest in holidays in France to those who were interested in more specific or niche breaks such as wine tours, motorbike holidays or camping enthusiasts. Big to small, broad to focussed, in other words.

We came up with Find Your Place. An idea that dramatised those perfect moments that make your holiday which only Brittany Ferries through their expert knowledge of the area can deliver. It could be the views found on an early morning walk or the taste of sea food as the sun set on a Breton port, each ad was tailored to a specific need or desire.

Authentic footage from each destination was researched and resourced and in conjunction with Brighton based production company Progress Films and the films were then created with each section having its own individually designed and animated element that reflected the destination and activity.

This is a fully integrated campaign, so we made sure that Find Your Place would work just as effectively in press, on radio and online too.



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