From taking the brief to making a splash.

From taking the brief to making a splash.

Columbus Direct is a travel insurance client of ours. They have a great product which allows customers to go on holiday, safe in the knowledge that if anything should happen such as their flight being delayed or needing any medical help, they’ll be taken care of with lounge access and online GPs on call 24 hours a day. In short, we’d be able to tell their target audience that they’d be able to enjoy happier adventures when they head off.

The people they were looking to attract were 35-50 year-olds looking for a holiday who lived in the South East and who would be most likely be commuting into London. So a campaign to hit them hard on trainlines and underground as well as digitally would be just the thing. Delivering creative that would not just stand out, but inspire was our aim, as well as bringing to life Columbus’ can-do positive attitude and approach to holidays.

So we went for eye-grabbing images, playful headlines and a seriously bold colour scheme and ran the campaign out across rail 4 sheets, tube car panels, online banners and paid social media posts. Perfect to attract the attention of people thinking of getting away from the winter greys.

Did it work? Let’s just say it’s not just the work that’s standing out; their sales are too with a big uplift in January already.

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